Monday, 5 December 2016

New T-shirt and Skirt - Quick Projects For My Work Wardrobe

It's taken a while to post about these, but to be fair it's taken longer to find time to make them!

Ages a go a ripped a pair of jeans which instantly got put aside for a skirt and just recently all my t-shirts seem to have died, so I need some more for work!

The t-shirt is my beloved Alabama Chanin modified pattern made of some super lovely fabric I got in Germany.  For the skirt, I added gores at various points to make it a-line.

 It's a different style of skirt to what I usually wear, but I'm liking it!  The extra fabric is printed denim that I got at the Knitting and Stitching Show this year.

And behind my is my swanky new dresser!  Get used to seeing it because I think it could become my new photo posing place!  Also please excuse my slightly messy look - these photo's were snapped quickly, in between cooking by my obliging beloved for me and I didn't so much as have time to run a brush through my hair, but I wanted to have something to show you all...

Monday, 28 November 2016

It's Tough, Being Tiny

I have to show you this quick pic of Lizard after we'd been for a walk with her Mama.

 Despite having slept for the whole walk safe on her mama's back, she was still tired when we got in and attempted a nap time on the floor! 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Mr Kit's Star Wars Pyjamas!

So, a while back I went to Germany, for my beautiful cousin's wedding.  Whilst there I obviously had to take a quick trip to the local fabric shop and oh my goodness me such fabric!  It was about half t-shirting and half quilting cotton.  I had such a hard time narrowing down what I wanted and whilst I browsed my beloved spotted some Star Wars t-shirting.

So...  We got some and I have since made him pyjamas!

 As you can see, we picked two different fabrics and it was hard to only pick two!  I found an online tutorial for a men's t-shirt and I copied his existing pyjama bottoms.

Here's a close-up of the fabric!  Mr Kit is very pleased (or so he tells me!) and I'm pretty happy to have sewn for my beloved!

Monday, 14 November 2016

New House Sword Rack

And we're in the new house!  Largely settled and getting sorted.  However, I am vastly behind on my Christmas sewing and I have more than ever to do, so blog posts are going to drop to Mondays only until the New Year I think.

For now though, lets have a look at one of the things I've made for the new house.  Sadly, one of my weapons racks failed to survive the move (all weapons are fine and much admired by the various delivery guys I've had round).  So I needed a new one.

It's made of spare Ikean Sash (have I shown those yet?), some scrap herringbone twill tape and a couple of ribbons from stash.

Here it is in pride of place in the new garage!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Giselle's Accessories

I also made a bag and a shield cover for her!

The bag is quite simple, with outside pockets on both ends but no others.  It's made of army blanket lined in old sheet and is possibly my favourite character bag to date.

The shield cover was the first thing I made and mostly done out of a desire to try out the free motion embroidery to make the lilies in the middle!  Hopefully, by now I have internet in my house again.  If not, there will be a hiatus until I do....

Monday, 31 October 2016

Giselle's Coat

I tell you what, long droopy sleeves make coat wearing hard work!

It took a lot of searching before I found this pattern!

Many thanks to Xanthipe for providing the army blanket used to make it!  The binding is made out of an old sheet dyed at the same time as the dress!

I added a lined hood for extra weatherproofness and I debated adding a button at the top but a yellow scarf has been offered and for comedic purposes that might well be a better plan so I'll hold off for now.

I never thought I could love yellow and brown kit so much!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Introducing Giselle!

This year I am playing an elven earth mage paladin.  It's not the easiest of going (worst statline ever), but I do love my new kit.

If you think the dress looks familiar you're completely right.  It's Aurora's, dyed and with a different trim added! The gambeson is new, made to an old pattern (that embarrasingly I don't appear to have shown yet, oops?) and machine quilted and embroidered.

All the inner seams are also bound with yellow and I made greaves and vambraces to match.

It has a detachable hood and it's really very comfy!